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Pre-Settlement Funding for General Negligence

General Negligence Claims


Personal injury law has various specialty practice areas, including pedestrian accidents, product liability, and recreational accidents. Graylock Services is ready to help personal injury victims by providing personal injury pre-settlement funding for any of these areas.

Pedestrian Accidents


Pedestrian accidents can involve vehicles, bikes, construction areas, and general hazardous conditions on sidewalks, roads, and the like. They can vary in severity depending on the circumstances, but even smaller injuries can rack up a large hospital bill. Personal injury pre-settlement funding is often used to pay these bills and others while pedestrian accident claims are pending.

Common causes of pedestrian accidents include:

Failure to respect pedestrian right-of-way

Pedestrian icon.png

Running a red light or stop sign

Failure to respect a bike lane

Speeding or reckless driving

Misplacing construction equipment

Filing a Claim in a Pedestrian Accident


Like most personal injury cases, pedestrian accidents usually involve filing claims with insurance companies. If a personal injury claimant files a lawsuit, they must file the lawsuit in the jurisdiction where the accident occurred.


Generally, personal injury victims will file a claim with the insurance company first before considering a lawsuit. However, like other personal injury claims, it’s extremely important to either file a lawsuit or settle your claim before the statute of limitations has run. Regardless, it’s always best to contact an attorney to represent you in the claims process.

Product Liability


A product liability lawsuit is a lawsuit against the manufacturer or creator of a product that caused a personal injury. Product liability lawsuits can take a very long time as it quickly becomes complicated to show who exactly was responsible.


For example, in the case of a motorcycle accident: if the motorcycle accident was caused by one of the wheels coming off the motorcycle, the victim may want to sue the motorcycle manufacturer. However, the motorcycle manufacturer may argue that it was the tire company that was at fault.

Filing a Claim in a Product Liability Case


Unfortunately, to file a claim in a product liability case, buyers often have to jump through multiple hoops to get compensation...


Manufacturers will almost always add disclaimers to their products to try and escape liability for the dangers their products create. And, although some companies have warranties for their products, they're usually limited in time or scope. If that isn't enough to frustrate personal injury victims, a lot of products now have what's called an "arbitration clause" that tries to force injured parties into a negotiation with the company outside the court system. 

Because of these roadblocks to compensation, product liability cases often take a very long time to settle. Personal injury pre-settlement funding is often necessary to cover the bills while you heal from your injuries, especially if the injury is preventing you from working.  

Personal Injury Pre-settlement Funding Helps



Personal injury claims that either involves a government entity or product liability easily become delayed. Whether an individual defendant trying to argue that they were not negligent, or the manufacturer of a faulty product argues that it was actually “someone else’s fault”, these cases may last months, or even years. 


Personal injury pre-settlement funding helps personal injury victims make do while their personal injury claims are pending. Graylock Services specializes in providing pre-settlement funding specifically for personal injury victims.



Get Pre-Settlement Funding in as Little as 24 Hours


Graylock Services provides pre-settlement funding to get you immediate cash. 

Hire A Lawyer


We have a list of personal injury lawyers who will help their clients through the personal injury process. 

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