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How We Serve Lawyers


Our services to our clients help streamline legal representation from day one through to settlement.


When Your Clients Work with Us, They'll Recieve:

Expert assistance in keeping and collecting records.

Timely appointment reminders and follow-up.

Strong guidance for navigating the insurance claims process.

Accurate know-your-rights information to help protect them from unfair insurance adjusters.

Secure funding so that you can keep fighting for the recovery they deserve.

By helping your clients, we help you.

We're Invested

We care about every single client's success.

We work tirelessly to obtain important records for our clients, follow up with them to make sure they don't miss important meetings like doctor's appointments and help them understand the claims process.  With our assistance, our clients obtain the maximum possible recovery for their claims.

Help your client. Get funding through Graylock Services...

Join Our Lawyer Network

Our lawyer network helps clients retain experienced personal injury counsel in good standing. 

Our Methodology 

We have partnered with a third-party law firm to vet personal injury lawyers on our network list based on key factors, including:


  • years of experience

  • disciplinary record

  • education

  • accolades

  • other factors...


We also continue to monitor and update our list.​

If you would like to apply to join our attorney network, please contact us.

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