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Pre-Settlement Funding for Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Claims


As patients, we place an incredible amount of trust in our medical professionals. We trust medical professionals to provide us with accurate diagnosese and the appropriate medical care and treatment. We also trust medical professionals and hospitals with our private medical information. Unfortunately, medical professionals and hospitals can be negligent in their practice. And their negligence can lead to serious and sometimes permanent injuries, and even death.  

Types of Medical Malpractice

  • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose a condition in time.​

  • Mistakes during surgery, or conducting unnecessary surgery.

  • Malpractice during the childbirth.

  • Negligence with respect to anesthesia 

  • Negligence with respect to allergins

  • Failure to provide appropriate care, and other general negligence.

How do I file a medical malpractice claim?

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer


As with all personal injury claims, before filing a malpractice claim or lawsuit, it's important to contact a personal injury lawyer first. Like some other areas of personal injury law, medical malpractice claims have a lot of procedural requirements that must be met. In some states, for example, malpractice lawsuits have to go before a pre-lawsuit panel.

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Seek a Medical Evaluation and Notify the Insurer


Luckily for malpractice victims, medical professionals usually have insurance to cover any potential malpractice claims. If you would like to file a malpractice claim, you should get a medical evaluation to see if you have a claim.  You will also want notify the the medical professional's insurance as soon as possible. 

Be Aware of Statutes of Limitation


You may not be aware that your doctor made a mistake until well after the malpractice occurred. For example, if the doctor failed to diagnose a condition, you may not become aware until many months later. Make sure you know what the statute of limitations is for your claim is. 

Personal Injury Pre-Settlement For Malpractice Claims



Personal injury claims against medical professionals are procedurally complicated. Often victims have to jump through hoops just to get their claim started. How long it will take to settle a given claim is hard to predict, and victims who are recovering from an injury or suffering from an undiagnosed illness often experience serious financial problems.


Personal injury pre-settlement funding helps relieve the financial burden that personal injury victims have to carry.


Through pre-settlement funding, Graylock Services can help you pay your medical bills and keep up with living expenses while you wait for your settlement. 

Get Pre-Settlement Funding in as Little as 24 Hours


Graylock Services provides pre-settlement funding to get you immediate cash. 

Hire A Lawyer


We have a list of personal injury lawyers who will help their clients through the personal injury process. 

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