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Experienced Personal injury lawyers help their clients obtain maximum compensation in their personal injury claims. Their role is to protect their client’s rights throughout the claims process and fight either in or out of court when necessary.

Why hire a personal injury lawyer:

  • Protect your rights in the claims process

  • Make all court deadlines, so you don’t get a default judgment

  • Collect and file all necessary paperwork

  • Fight back when insurance companies deny coverage

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Choosing our network of attorneys can put more cash in your pocket.


Because we are invested in the success of your case, we know how important it is to obtain a trusted lawyer who has the skills necessary to get you the best possible result for your case. 


All personal injury lawyers on our list have been vetted through a third-party law firm.  We also continue to monitor and update our list.

We have so much confidence in the attorneys we recommend, our clients can qualify for more upfront cash for using them and in some cases, the attorneys will even charge them lower fees. That could save the client thousands of dollars.

If you would like us to recommend an attorney, please contact us or let us know when you submit your application.

A personal injury lawyer will protect your rights...


As anyone who has been injured knows, personal injury victims encounter various challenges as they work through the claims process and attempt to negotiate with insurance companies.


Unfortunately, insurance companies do not work in the best interest of the injured, and unrepresented victims suffer the consequences.


Personal injury lawyers will help you fight back. They are specialists in not only personal injury law, but also the personal injury claims process. They will help you navigate this process and negotiate with insurance companies. A top personal injury lawyer in your area will fight for your rights so that you don’t have to worry about obtaining compensation while you heal.

What if I don’t have money to pay a personal injury lawyer?

If you don’t have money to pay for a lawyer, don’t worry. Almost all personal injury lawyers charge a contingency fee instead of hourly fees.


Contingency Fees


Under a contingency fee, your personal injury lawyer will only get paid if they obtain a settlement or win a recovery in court. Instead of charging you on an hourly basis, they will take a portion of your compensation.


Generally speaking, contingency fees are better for personal injury victims because they incentivize personal injury lawyers to fight for maximum compensation for their clients, and they keep lawyers from dragging cases out.

How long do personal injury claims take?

Personal injury claims can take anywhere between a month and multiple years.


Although it is difficult to predict how long a particular case will take, it will often depend on the type of case, the severity of the injuries, if those responsible have insurance, and if liability is contested. When liability is contested, it means that those responsible for the injury are denying responsibility.


A skilled personal injury lawyer will help you resolve your claim as soon as possible. Lawyers know what common tactics insurance companies might use to delay your case. And, they’re aware of the consequences of delays.


What kinds of claims can a personal injury lawyer help me with?


Personal injury lawyers exist in various specialty areas. For example, some lawyers will specialize in medical malpractice, while others may only do workers' compensation or slip and fall cases. It is important to retain a lawyer who has the right experience for your case.


Here at Graylock, we provide pre-settlement funding for many types of cases so that when you hire a lawyer, you have the money you need while you wait for your lawyer to get compensated for your injuries.

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