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For Lawyers

Graylock Services understands that you want to obtain the best results for your clients. This includes obtaining the maximum compensation for their personal injury claims.


When Graylock Services provides a cash advance to your clients, you will have another resource who will be continuously monitoring the claim. Our goal to help ensure that the claim is successful and the client is happy.

We will actively:

  • Perform Routine check-ins with Clients and follow-up with their treatment providers.

  • Monitoring Statute of Limitations.

  • Maintained List of Treatment Providers.

  • Cold File Prevention.

We help you stay connected with your clients:

We regularly check in with the client as well as their treatment providers to ensure that client is following the treatment programs and the attorney's recommendation​s.

If we become aware of any issues that could affect the claim, we will always reach out to the attorney and notify them of the issue.

All of this comes at no cost to you.


Want to recommend a client to Graylock Services?


If you have a client that you want to recommend to us, that would be great! When you refer a client to Graylock Services will receive all of the benefits described above, plus you could receive up to a $5,000.00 referral fee.

Become a member of our network of Attorneys

Your firm may qualify to become a member of a referral network that we rely on when our client needs an
attorney or wants to make a change. Graylock Services a referral program is maintained by an associated law firm and will continue to update maintain the list.

*Please note that Graylock Services does not refer cases and nothing of value is exchanged between the associated law firm and us. All referrals are made through the program admiration law firm.


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